1) Who are Activesports4kids and what do they currently offer?


Activesports4kids are a sport coaching company, currently offering sports birthday parties for kids aged 4 to 14 years in the Staffordshire and Wiltshire areas. In the future Activesports4kids are looking to offer school services (PPA cover, Breakfast clubs, Lunchtime clubs, After School Clubs and School holiday camps) and lots of other sports events.


2) What parties does Activesports4kids currently offer?


To view all of the sports birthday parties we currently offer please click this link


3) How much does an Activesports4kids party cost?


All of our party prices are worked out based upon number of kids, length of party and location. To get an accurate quote you can use our enquiry form.


4) Do I have to book a venue?


To reduce stress and worry for parents, Activesports4kids will find and book an appropriate venue as close to the requested date and time. Sometimes Activesports4kids may need to change the date or time of the party to ensure we are able to get an appropriate venue.


5) What does Activesports4kids provide?


Activesports4kids provide atleast 2 coaches for the full 60, 90 or 120 minute party. All kids receive a Activesports4kids medal and party bag after the party. Activesports4kids do not provide food, due to allergen reasons.


6) What is included in your party bags?


In all party bags there are a few small items and sweets along with an Activesports4kids flyer.


7) How many children can attend the party?


We can offer parties up to 32 kids through our insurance. If you require a party with more kids then we can accommodate this, but the party may incur an extra charge for an additional coach/coaches.


8)How do I book and pay for the party?


You can book an Activesports4kids birthday party through our online form or by calling us on 03300535027.


Once you have spoken to one of our coaches and confirmed the date a £30 pre-payment is needed to complete the booking. The pre-payment can be made using the payment section of our website. For the remaining balance we require payment at the party, payment can be made via cash or card (Please note card payments carry a £2.00 additional handling charge)


9) Why do I have to pay a £30 non-refundable pre-payment?


We require a £30 non-refundable pre-payment to confirm the booking and in some instances the pre-payment may be used to secure a venue booking.


10) How do I add or change the party details after booking?


You can add or change details for your party at any time by emailing us at info@activesports4kids.co.uk.


11) What is your cancellation policy?


We understand sometimes situations do change and therefor you may need to cancel or change the date of the birthday party. To be as helpful as possible Activesports4kids offer a free booking transfer service. This means the party can be moved to any other date within the next 12 months depending on availability.


If you choose to cancel the party completely we require 2 weeks notice. If a party is cancelled within 2 weeks of the party date then Activesports4kids reserve the right to pursue for full payment.

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If you have any queries or wish to make an enquiry, please contact us:


Phone: 03300535027

Email: Info@Activesports4kids.co.uk


Or use our contact us form.

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